Emma Lyn Backer

Emma Lyn Backer

I am a recent high school graduate  from Duncan and Mill Bay and have been interested in art since I can remember. I have taken classes from elementary to high school and use my technical skills as a backdrop for abstract and character work.

I love shape and form and the way difference in curves and angles can make people feel. The human body is one of my inspirations; I am obsessed with the way people present themselves and how that can effect what other people see. I play with senses of vulnerability, freedom, identity, and most of all, movement. Movement and shapes are what link people to scenarios and memories that will help them to connect with my work, as if it is a part of their life.

 Although they have titles, I do not like to name my pieces because I feel as though a name distracts the viewer from finding their own meaning to a work of art, a name, in a way, explains a piece and I like to keep people guessing at what my art might mean and to let the viewer decide what the painting or drawing means to them. That way, without a name, my art speaks to every person differently.

I also enjoy photography from time to and mainly focus on the human form and the way people's bodies move differently and the way body language, focus and color effect the viewer. All of these aspects take part in how the viewer reads the image as well and much like my painting, my photography speaks to different people in different ways.

Art, especially painting, will never leave me. I hope to improve and broaden my abilities as I travel and experience the world. I want to be able to move people with my work, confuse them, enlighten them and amuse them.

If you want to contact me about a piece of art, or want to talk more about my work, I can be reached by e-mail at ebacker94@gmail.com

Emma Lyn