Our Menu

Espresso and Coffee 

Mocha                                                          Latte                                               

Caramel Machiato                                          Cappuccino

Americano                                                     Espresso

Fresh Medium and Dark roast coffee

Swiss water Decaf

Hot Non-Coffee

Chai Latte                                                     Matcha Latte

Mate Latte                                                     Hot Chocolate

Apple Cider                                                    London Fog

Tea                                                               Steamer

Silk Road Specialty Tea 

                         Blender and Iced Coffee

Polar Mocha                                                Mocha on Ice

Decaf Polar Mocha                                        Latte on Ice

Alaskan Latte                                               Iced Americano

Tea and Silk Road Specialty Tea

Green Tea

Moon light on the Grove - jasmine with delicate green tea

Sliver Jade - a mild, sweet Chinese green tea

Sublime - lemongrass, lime, a citrus and lime extracts


Semi-Green Tea

Ginseng and Ginger - earthy ginger and ginseng root

Green Dragon - peppermint, elderflowers, glacial cool

        Golden Phoenix- citrus peel, cinnamon, tangerine, calendula flowers and grapefruit

Black Dragon - oolong tea, toasty, comforting



Angelwater - spearmint, lavender blossoms, rose petals, elder, red clover

Philosopher’s Brew - lemongrass, citrus peel, rosehips, lavender   blossoms

Alchemist’s Brew - hibiscus flowers, spearmint leaves, lemongrass, rosehips, cinnamon bark

Chamomile Delight – flowers of Chamomile


Black Tea

Mango Shade - ceylon black tea, calendula flowers, mango essence

Silk Road Chai - black tea, cinnamon, cardamom spices

Earl Grey - a fragrant blend with traditional bergamot

Orange Pekoe - a classic blend of Orange Pekoe teas



Rooibos Organics - full bodied slightly sweet

Yerba Mate - premium organic yerba mate leaf, iced or hot


 Smoothies Etc.

Fresh Fruit                                                 Four Berry

Mango                                                       Protein Smoothie

Creamsicle Slushy                                      Chai Latte Frappe

Matcha Frappe                                            Lemon Tea Frappe

Lemon Mate Frappe                                                  Italian Soda

Morning Munchies

Fresh Local Muffins 

Fresh Hot Local Bagels

Breakfast Scramblers on a Bagel

Hearty Oatmeal

Good for you Granola Bar

Quick Lunches

Focaccia Sandwiches made fresh daily

Veggie: Artichokes, Swiss Cheese, Pine Nut Pesto, Red Onion.

Ham: Premium Ham, Swiss and Cheddar Cheese,Sundried Tomato Pesto                  

Tuna: Tuna, Cheddar Cheese, Hot peppers

More made local Quick Eats

Lasagna                                            Mac and Cheese

Beef Stroganoff                                 Spicy Sausage Rolls

Chicken Wraps                                  VeggieWraps   

Pasta Salad                                       Couscous Salad

Veggie or Chicken Samosa

 Sweet Treat

Cookies made fresh daily: Chocolate Chunk, Macadamia Nut, Double Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Spice

Triple Chocolate Cake

Super Fudge Brownies, 

Bumble Berry Pie

Apple Pie

Our Beans

Always Fresh!

Roasted Monday, delivered Tuesday. Roasted Thursday, delivered Friday.

Every Week that’s Bean our schedule since 1997. Only Fresh Quality Coffee at the Moon!