Coffee on the Moon supports the Arts

The Cowichan Valley’s natural beauty is inspiration for creativity. For over 20 years Coffee on the Moon has provided local talent a home to show off their masterpieces. If you are an Artist interested in showing off your talents contact us to arrange a booking.


Current Artist Bio: Lyfisgrand Photography

I always struggle at writing these, or telling anyone about myself at all really…

I am an avid reader, and sometime writer, a night owl and a mental health advocate. I am passionate about science and discovery and I have a penitent for noticing details, because of this I can often be found looking intently at things others view as commonplace. Photography is my voice, my vision, and my therapy. The idiom is that a picture is worth a thousand words and I think it’s oddly accurate. As time goes by I find myself more and more at a loss for words. My grandfather used to tell me “The older I get, and the more I know, the more I know that I know nothing at all.”

This concept might be a part of why I am so enchanted by photographs, by moments I can revisit, by memories that I can hold in my hands. The way an image cab be a story or a question or an idea, the way an image can be a feeling.

I adore to take photographs of people, but I chose to share my nature photography in this gallery because it’s my quiet place, its moments I am able to ground myself within the torrent of this world. This absolutely baffling world which we call home. Our Pale Blue Dot. This is how I perceive this world. This is how you perceive my perception of this world. This is the paradox of perspective and yet another reason why Art has been pervasive in every culture to ever exist.

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